Thursday, July 30, 2015

A family outing

Last Saturday, my family and I enjoyed a beautiful and HOT day in 'town'. Normally our family doesn't travel into the big city on weekends... it's just not our thing. Too many crowded places, extra monies to be spent, etc. But sometimes it is the only time when all 6 of us can go anywhere together. We took advantage of our family membership to the aquarium and decided to go there. The only expense was time, a little gas, and parking. The reward? A day filled with togetherness. 
We could live with that.

I am sure I have mentioned to you how I love moss. I think it is beautiful. 

The water lilies in this pond were incredibly gorgeous in the butterfly habitat. 

I really wish I knew what this plant was called... I think it is lovely.

Chattanooga has such great touches here and there. You just have to pay attention.

The kids always want to touch the sturgeons... Sturgeons are bottom feeders, so they like very cold water. The temp of the water in this exhibit is around 50*.

The new bayou exhibit is really neat. You feel like you are up close and personal with the alligators, turtles, and so much more!

I've never noticed this sting ray before. I was really impressed by the color and pattern. Just another example of God's handiwork.

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  1. Wow. So many things to comment on. I like moss also. ....Some will grow on my bricks after lots of rain. Looks like you had a wonderful day.