Sunday, June 14, 2015


Our first sunrise at the beach

I always get very connected with my Maker when I visit the sea. I am aware of His presence and His glory, but sometimes I guess it helps to get away from the every day and experience Him in new surroundings. When I am the only one awake and I can hear the rushing waves and feel the salty air and there... far off in the east I see that light, rising up... It gives me glory bumps, I'm telling ya. I realize just how BIG this God of ours really is. He's so much bigger than any of our issues. So much greater than any of our fears. So much more than any of our lacking... I am in awe of Him.
Thank you, Jesus for allowing me to go to the ocean and have my heart stirred and refreshed once again. 
Blessings, friends.


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