Thursday, April 23, 2015

The Importance of Home

My heart has been so aware of the need of home lately. 

The place of comfort
The place of refuge
The haven 
The place to gather 
The place to enjoy

I know no matter where I went as a young person, I always looked forward to coming back HOME. The place that was always welcoming, always a sanctuary for me.

As an adult now, married with kids. I feel the same about our home. A prayer of mine is that my children will feel the same... now and when they are grown. 

Have you made your home a place to long for? That doesn't take loads of money to do.
 It takes effort.
 Do you add touches of nature here and there? 
Do you add real-ness? 
Is it stark and cold or warm and inviting?
 A home is not a museum, not a place of perfection. 
It should be lived in. 
It can be a bit of a mess at times, but I constantly try to maintain a certain level of tidiness to keep my own sanity and to make clean up times manageable. 
Is there comfort there? A place to sit and relax. A place to enjoy one another.
 A place to read. Learn. Live. Gather. Enjoy. 
Food is another comfort of home. Sometimes we allow ourselves to become so busy, the art of home-cooking gets pushed to the wayside. Make something today. I just finished up our yogurt. 2 quarts of good, nurturing, homemade yogurt. To enjoy with some berries later on today. Comfort. 
As we work on our lessons and our chores, I want to instill in my children truth. When we work, no matter at home or away, we are working unto the Lord. We should always keep in mind that we are serving Christ when we serve others. 

Home... it is so important. Remember, fill it with things you Love, people your adore and memories you share. It is so, so important. It is something you will never regret. 


  1. I totally agree. I love my simple home.

    1. Thank you for your visit and sweet comment! :)

  2. Your home looks so inviting! You have made a beautiful home. Thank you for the encouragement.

    1. Thank you, Kimmy! I appreciate your kindness more than you know! :)

  3. Home is a wonderful thing! I love to be home and also to go home to my parents too. My whole family loves being home. I feel very blessed.

    1. You are blessed! What a sweet treasure! :) Have a wonderful day, thank you for your visit!

  4. I love this post and love your home. Your blog has always reflected a great love of home, which is why I enjoy it so. <3

    1. Thank you, Trixi... that is so, so sweet to say! xoxo