Wednesday, April 22, 2015

: Family Loss :

Last Thursday, April 16th our world was rocked as we learned that we lost our beloved cousin Josh. We got the call that on his way to work that morning there had been an accident and he was pronounced dead on the scene. It was heartbreaking and it still is.... 

Shannon & Lamar grew up with their cousins Josh and Adam. They lived right next door and were more like 4 brothers than cousins. They were always together, always. They were all 2 years apart in age. First Shannon, Lamar, Josh, Adam. Shannon will be 40 in August. Josh had just turned 36.

My heart was flooded with emotions. But here's the thing with Josh. No matter how sad I have been... no matter how many tears I have shed, after a few minutes, my mind goes to a remembrance of him and I begin to laugh. SO many stories, so many situations over the years that I have been through with him or heard from Shannon, Adam, Aunt Deb or someone... Josh has so many hilarious stories, I went between tears and laughter all weekend long. 

Josh loved his beautiful family, his wife Andi and his 3 girls. He loved all his family. He always showed his love to everyone when he was around. He was always making us laugh. 

Our hearts are breaking at this sudden loss, but we know... 

Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted 
-Matthew 5:4

Please remember our family in your prayers, especially Josh's wife, Andi and the girls; as well as his parents, Roger and Debbie. 

There has been a fund set up for Josh's wife and girls, if you feel led to give.