Thursday, April 16, 2015

::Enjoy Today::

You know the saying, April Showers bring May Flowers... well, I don't know how many flowers there will be in May (I hope a lot), because April has proved she is FULL of showers this year. Thankfully no serious storms, but just lots and lots of rain. 
And when rain is abundant, you are so thankful for the sunshine.
When sunshine is abundant, you are so thankful for the rain. 

I've been doing my best to seek out the good in situations... to keep my eye on the half-full. Complaining is such a curse if you get stuck in the habit.
Although, I've been eager for a bit more sunshine myself, the rain has made for cozy days at home. School goes a bit more easily, a slower pace is set for the day, and the earth is coming alive with green! It is glorious! 

Life is full and beautiful around our place. There are sprouts popping up. Kittens are born. Flowers are blooming out. Growth from our grapevines, blackberry bushes and raspberry canes are abundant!

Life is vibrant, beautiful and blessed... rain or shine. Enjoy what you are given. Make the best of what the day has to hold. Enjoy the moment, my friends. 
Take a minute to slow yourself and appreciate what God has to show you today.