Thursday, April 9, 2015

A time to serve...

My husband used to work a different schedule and when he did, he was off work quite early on Friday's. Twice a month he would go and volunteer at our local food bank. This was back when my children were very young. We talked about doing this as a family activity many times, but there are only certain days that the food bank is opened. 

Finally syncing up with the schedule, the children and I were able to go. It was an extremely busy day in which we helped deliver around 400 boxes. Some of the regular helpers said that was a LOT for the middle of the month. They told us the first of the month was usually that high, but the middle was a good bit lower.
It just goes to show that there are people who struggle even right here in our own community. 
We hope to be able to serve again this month and even more so in the summer. It's a real eye opener to see true need right where you live. 
Shannon was able to meet us there and help us finish up the day there once he was off work. What a tremendous blessing it was to serve. The Bible talks about serving a lot.
 Jesus came to serve, we should serve as well.

Have a wonderful day! 

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  1. Wonderful and great lessons for the kids. We love serving as a family.