Monday, April 6, 2015

iGeek at our Local Library

A few friends of mine have asked about the ole blog lately and I just said, straight up... I'm not sure what to do anymore. Our little homestead is dried up. We have little to no animals. It's not really gardening season. Life has been busy... but really, who's isn't?
Then another friend said... Just do it. Journal. 
I realized then, that is what this blog started out to be. Not trying to be something more than it is... just a journal of our lives, with recipes, anecdotes, pictures, wisdom, sharing God's love, learning... all those thrown in the mix. That's what I longed to do when I began ALL those years ago. That's what I need to continue. 
So I will... I will do my best to just let y'all know what's up. Show you anything cool that I learn. Share with you any good recipes that are on my table lately.. Whatever the case may be. I hope to share it here. 
Here we go. 
These pictures are NOT that clear or good, but we participated in our library program last year that was called iGeek. Yes, this blog is VERY, VERY behind... I told you. Haha
Anyways, to pinpoint ONE thing that you are really crazy about. Something you LOVE?
SO... for me it was summed up in one thing.
iGeek Learning because that can cover SO many areas. I love it.

My Eli picked something he has been passionate about for as long as he's been here... I think it stems from me watching The Fellowship of the Ring while he was in the womb and taking him with his Daddy and I when we went to see The Two Towers when he was about a month old. 
So, Eli picked, J.R.R. Tolkien.

Carlie loves to go. She is my little go-bot, she thinks she would like to travel more. So she geeked Traveling. 
Abe has always been a machine lover. He loves dozers, dump trucks, excavators, and the like and has since he was a babe. It helps his great love of machines in the fact that my Daddy works all that equipment. So he gets to participate in his dream every once in a while. 

Have a great day! 

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  1. Wonderful post. No matter what, we always have a story to tell. I enjoy reading yours.