Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Making Carlie into Anna...

Over the Christmas break, my daughter was in a play loosely based on the crazy popular movie Frozen. In the play she was someone else, but was supposed to have an costume that was much like Anna's. I was asked long in advance, Praise the Lord... and finally found a time between all my 'elving' *crafting for Christmas* to stop and make her costume.
I had plans in my mind how to make it as simply as I could, but also make it look really pretty.
I took a black t-shirt and cut the bodice. Then with paint pens, I painted the Scandinavian design not the front of the shirt. I took a piece of bright blue fabric and made a skirt, I put in a few darts to make it flare more and be better fitted to the shirt top and also gathered slightly. 
I sewed the two together and added a gold braid over the seam and around the edges of the bodice. 
Although it is slightly hard to see in this picture, I also painted the designs on the bottom of the skirt. Maybe I should say LOOSELY painted. hahah They were far from perfectly matched. 
Just when I think, "YES! DONE!!!"
She asks... "Moma, you ARE going to make her cloak... Right?"
"SURE" I say... haha
She says, "The costume isn't complete without it."
How can you say no to that?

I took some bright pink fabric and draped it around her and gathered the top so it wouldn't cocoon her, but just meet at the chest. Then I cut a smaller cape to sit above the longer. I embellished the smaller of the two with rick-rack and the mini pom-pom around the edges. On the longer cape, I only used rick-rack.
We braided her hair down the sides and she was ready.
She did a wonderful job and if I say so myself, there was a pretty stinkin cute snowman up there with her.  
Sweet Memories.
Have a wonderful day friends and STAY COZY, it's a cold one out there today!

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  1. You are a genius. Simple elements with such impressive results!