Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Catching up on times already passed...

I spent so much time away from my blog that I have to play catch up. Posting things that have been many months past, but too special to miss.
My kids are still at a fun age and love to dress up. So when the talk of what will we dress up for at Halloween comes up... well, there is a LOT of discussion.
Eli declared that he would like to be Batman, so from there, we decided on costumes. Funny thing is... when I asked Eli to try on his costume that he supposedly had, it came clear up to his knees!! What to do, what to do? 
Moma had to think fast because this was just ONE day before!
I ended up taking a black pair of pants and a black shirt and then with  felt, I made his Batman logo on his shirt. We had a cape and mask and called him DONE! 
With Abram, who was Batman's faithful sidekick, Robin... I borrowed a red long sleeve shirt from his big brother and again, I used felt to cut out stripes, his "R", a belt and collar. I had some yellow fabric to make a simple cape to attach to his back. Oh, and his mask was made with felt also.
For Carlie Jean... super simple. Black shirt, black pants, black boots, black gloves. A mask made a bit more feminine than Abe's. A tail and ears of course and some RED lips. 
Then, because I didn't want to carry around walmart sacks, I took an old sheet and whipped up some bags. We went retro and wrote some of the classic words from Batman on the bags. 
 "BAM" "POW" and "MEOW" 
Meeting up with friends and going to Trunk or Treat is always a real treat for us!
Holy Bucket's Batman!!! There's your arch nemesis!!!
The Joker!
You don't look too bothered though. 
Have a great day friends, and may you enjoy your memories too!

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