Thursday, October 23, 2014

Soaping again

Another beautiful thing happens when the air begins to chill. I feel the need to fluff my nest. The need to put a little more useful things by. The desire to create a haven. 
Soaping is part of that. 
The first two pictures show my Holiday Spice Soap
It has turned out so nicely and I will look forward to using this and gifting it as well. 
Here's my recipe.
Btw, if you are new to Soap Making, I have a Soap Making 101 tutorial that will take you STEP-BY-STEP through the process. My friend Ashlee taught me, I teach you and we all win! Right? 

Holiday Spice Soap
12 oz olive oil
12 oz coconut oil
7.5 oz shea butter
6 oz canola oil
5 oz cocoa butter
3.5 oz corn oil
2 oz castor oil

6.5 oz lye
16 oz cold water

1 T cinnamon
1 T cloves
1 T cocoa

.25 oz Rosemary Essential Oil
.5 oz Orange Essential Oil
.5 oz Clove Essential Oil

At trace add your Essential Oils and then bring back to trace. Ladle half the batch into your pan and then mix spices into the remainder of the batch and ladle on top. You can use a butter knife to make swirls or figure 8's through your mixture.
Allow to cure 6 weeks before use.

Oatmeal and Honey Soap
1 oz beeswax
2 lb lard
6 oz olive oil
4 oz coconut oil
2 oz cocoa butter

16 oz cold water
6 oz lye

1 T. Honey
1/2 cup pulverized oats
1 T scent (I used an oatmeal and honey scent from Brambleberry)

At trace add honey, oats, and scent

I really love the flecks of oatmeal in this one. It will be a nice, mild, facial cleansing soap.

Happy Soaping!

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