Monday, October 20, 2014


Wow.... Is that word even enough?
 Honestly though, I can't think of a word to even explain how I am feeling. You guys and your outpouring of love and affection have truly overwhelmed my heart. I am so grateful for your kind words. Your calls, emails, messages and face-to-face talks have touched me. I know I don't face this fight alone. I know there are many others who struggle or have struggled with these same issues. It is a hard fight. I know, I'm still fighting and will be fighting for a long time, I'm sure. I know that the Lord and His goodness have allowed me to say what I've said and to do what I've done so far and with His great strength, I will be victorious... WE will be victorious! 

So, it's just a short note this morning to tell you how much I appreciate you. This little ole blog, even on its BEST day has NEVER experienced this kind of love and affection. 

So to you...


Y'all have blessed my heart in a way, I will never be able to express. 

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