Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homeschool Field Trip 9.15.14

There are days when an opportunity comes along and you just have to adjust your 'schedule' and make it happen! Yesterday was one of those days. 
We went to visit USS LTS 325 that was docked in Chattanooga. It was incredible!

The magnitude of this ship was impressive. We spent a good while exploring all three decks.

A recreation of the paths that the ship took. I loved all the information.

The men in my life love stats. I had to take a close up shot of this, so they could go back and re-read all the info that they had to offer. 

I love this picture. The ship, my kids, the aquarium in the back. Chattanooga is a beautiful city.

The loves of my life.

My boys especially loved this part. Every bit of this set up was lego built. They were amazed! It used over 70,000 legos to complete. And I thought we had a bunch. haha

The detail was so great! 

We loved learning and exploring something so important to our history.

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