Thursday, September 18, 2014

Autumn at Home

One of my favorite times of year is Autumn. I love the cooler days and the occasional need for a sweater or blanket. I love the colors and the smells. I love the slowness of the season. Wrapping up the busy summer months, the putting away of the garden, the shelf lined with preserved foods, the trees turning, the nip in the air... 
These are a few of my favorite things. 

As with the change of the season, I change around my decor. Moving towards a more cozy time. I pull out old quilts and blankets, I place pumpkins inside and out, I bring out the candles for those evenings when hopefully we can sit together as a family and just enjoy those moments together at home.

With the changing of seasons, the kitchen turns more towards warm, hearty meals. Soups are on my mind often. Coffee is brewing. Cocoa is requested. 
We do more reading aloud and silently. 

The piano is busy with practice, the schoolroom is a flutter with arithmetic and grammar, history and science. Documentaries on Netflix. What a great time to be alive. 

As with the changing of the seasons, it is almost an instinctive thing, my yarn comes out and I begin to craft again. Hats, scarves, cozies and the like come flying off my hook. 

Moma's nook is loaded with yarn and hooks and ribbons...
Working, when time allows on all kinds of fun creations.
Autumn around the home is a most splendid time indeed.

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