Thursday, May 15, 2014

Healthful Jello!

Good Morning friends!!! I want to tell you something I've just tried and we are excited about. 
Sometimes my kids want something sweet. As we have tried to pull off the sugar, we have to look a bit harder to find or make healthful treats! 
I made these for the kids and they all enjoyed them!

Here's all the ingredients:
2 cups juice (I used homemade grape)
2 tsp honey
2 cups Kombucha
(if you don't make kombucha or don't like it, you could use all juice)

Measure out your 2 cups of juice and place it in a small sauce pan.

Add 5 Tbsp beef gelatin (the good kind, like pictured above!)
This gelatin is a good thing to add into your diet because it is excellent for your joints. It helps to repair and restore damaged joint tissue.

Heat until warmed and slightly thicker

Add 2 cups kombucha to juice mixture
add 2 tsp honey
Mix and pour into mold.
We've said here before how beneficial kombucha is. A powerful probiotic and healthy drink. Honey is used here to sweeten slightly. 

And this is what happened. The mold had these little edges that DID NOT release, so I had to cut the jello up in pieces. Haha... it happens. I returned this pan and got a square shaped one. I don't think I will have to worry with those releasing. 
I plan on making a batch of gummies soon too! 
For now, though, these are a great treat!
And they are packed with the goodness of kombucha, raw honey, and beef gelatin!

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