Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A day with the Bees

Yesterday, I was blessed to get to experience bees first-hand! No, I didn't get stung... I went to a friends home that had working hives. I will tell you, it is one thing to read about things and quite another to experience it for yourself! To see her smoke the bees, to pry the box open as gently as possible to not disturb these little master craftsmen and women, to taste that sweet honey and chew the wax like I did as a little girl. 
Memories flooding back. 

To watch them. To hear them...

It was absolutely beautiful!
I am sure I have mentioned here at one time or another...
I see God so much in nature, He created it, so it's not a surprise!
 It makes me more worshipful when I am out there with it!
I see His handiwork.
 I love and appreciate nature and Him MORE when I am there in the midst.

Hearing the busy-ness, all knowing they each have a purpose and a job and doing that job with excellence!
 Watching a lady who appreciates the miraculous work that God has created the little honeybees to do... it was such a wonderful experience. 
Some people do work just to do it. 
But when you are around people who LOVE what they do... well, it is a WHOLE 'nother level! 

I am so thankful to have had a chance to enjoy the bees.... and even more thankful is that in the next week or so, we will be welcoming our first hive to the homestead!

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