Friday, April 25, 2014

GAPS: Week 1

After weeks and weeks, possibly months and months of thinking about trying GAPS and NOT wanting to do it. I relented. In a moment of desperation, but nonetheless, I gave in and we started this week. 
Let me tell you... It's pretty much kicked my tail, and my dumplins. :(
She was my main reason for diving in anyways. My Carlie has extremely sensitive skin. So much so, that we are seeing some issues that concern us, and not wanting to live a life on zyrtec or benedryl, I decided to do something.  
GAPS is a way of eating that begins with pulling you off ALL processed food and only eating very healing, nourishing foods. One primary thing you eat/drink is broth or stock. Cooking meat that is on the bone for a few hours with some basic veggies... carrots, onion, leeks, celery, etc. and drinking that at each meal time and if you enjoy it, even for snacks...
Let me tell you, honestly... I don't love it that much, nor does my daughter. 
But, I've been told, that may change eventually. I sure hope so.

It's not bad, but it's different. We are used to cooking. To having lots of flavor. Spices & herbs are not allowed on Stage 1. So only salt and pepper were what we had to work with in the beginning.

The reason for the broth is that GAPS focuses on healing the gut. Sealing it so it can work as it should. On a SAD (Standard American Diet) the body is depleting itself. Your body needs fat. One thing that we hear constantly from television, media, news, and doctors... fat is bad.
If it were so bad, wouldn't you think a nation of diet coke guzzlers and lean cuisine munchers would not have weight issues, right??? 

Anyhow, Once the gut is sealed, the body begins detoxing all the bad. Yeah, that part kinda stinks... it is rough. I have had a headache that was sooooo rough, that the only relief I had was sleeping. I slept a lot for the first few days. My Carlie did not really begin detoxing until yesterday. She is still in bed this morning, poor little thing. But, detox is a good thing. We are ridding our bodies of the yuck! 

So, as we journey through this, I hope to keep you updated and let you know how our trek is going. I hope to see much improvement in our health and healing of my daughters skin, from the inside out. 


  1. Good job doing this hard thing!!

  2. Hey Stranger! Hope all is going well.
    I have been looking into GAPS for my daughter and myself. My target date / time to start is after the kiddos go back to school in August and I close down the childcare business.
    We eat healthy...non-GMO and organic, drink smoothies every day, etc... But I feel we need something to totally rid our bodies of toxins that have built up our entire lives.
    Keep us updated on how y'all are doing.

    I'll be posting a blog post soon as to what is next on life's journey, after closing the childcare, and where God is leading me. I'm excited! :-)