Wednesday, April 30, 2014

GAPS... it's working!

As I told you last week, we jumped on the GAPS bandwagon with both feet. With very little reserve, we started. I think I also let you know last week, that it was pretty tough. The first few days especially was hard because that is when your body begins healing and ridding yourself of toxins.
Another thing we talked about was how my daughter was having very bad skin issues.
In the early part of January, she contracted strep throat. We didn't even realize she had it... the only reason we even considered that she possibly had it was that she developed scarlet fever with it.
The poor thing was covered with this terrible red rash and felt miserable.
After a long round of antibiotics (which is NOT our go-to thing to do... this was a special circumstance). She then developed this terrible rash on her face that would not go away. It would scale over, it would crack, it would bleed, it would branch out farther and farther. Going up her face. We tried SO many treatments. We tried coconut oil, which is one of my go-tos for skin problems. We tried essential oils. Even my salve I made helped some, but it did not take the problem away, nor did it get to the root of the issue.
 In the picture, you can see the crustiness of the upper lip, the red welt-y-ness of her face. It was just awful. Being only 9, she didn't fret TOO much about her face, but I knew that as she got older it would be a problem and I wanted to fix it NOW!

So there's where we started. GAPS!

I grabbed a chicken out of the freezer and plopped it in my crockpot. I added onions and celery to the pot. Salt and Pepper, and some of the fermented garlic I showed you about last week! Just cut some of that up and plop it in when you eat! It adds some more probiotics to your diet! We drank the broth the next day and ate on the meat. Throughout the first week, you drink broth before every meal and it is often part of your food preparations as well. As in, you may cook your meat for your meal with broth, or you may boil your veggies in broth. Soups are a big part of Stage 1 and Stage 2. One of our favorite was made with butternut squash. I was pleasantly surprised with how much we liked it. For that matter, we are having it with supper tonight!
I plan on giving a menu of what week one looked like for us in the next day or two.  In no time, we began seeing an astounding difference.
Just look.
My girl who was having a hard time drinking the broth, is now a broth champ! She says, "Mom, let's get our broth!" She is truly amazing. We are both feeling better, we are past the tough detox phase. We are enjoying the benefits this way of eating is bringing to our lives.

Along with Carlie's improved skin, her eczema seems to be fading. Her skin feels more smooth than it ever has. Her clarity of thinking has improved, thus making her schoolwork better! That brain fog seems to have disappeared! She told me that her breathing is different. When I questioned her about this, what I learned was because she has seasonal allergies, she is very congested this time of year. Since starting GAPS, the constant stuffiness has dissipated!

Friends, I will tell you... I am sold. I'm a believer. GAPS is working for us!
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