Monday, December 2, 2013

The blur of November...

November was an absolute blur around here... It was so incredibly busy, I can hardly believe it has already been and gone. 
These things happened in November.
I turned 38. Yay me.
Our Christmas tree made it's appearance.... early, just not as early as I would have liked. 

My children are still practicing piano, although their lessons have been cancelled til after the first of the year, their teacher has been very, very sick. We are praying for Mrs. Carroll. 
Our co-op had Thanksgiving together. It was completely wonderful. 
Friendship, babies, food, laughter... it was so great.
Crafting has become norm around here again. My kids are jumping in on the bandwagon. Abe crafted this hat out of leftover material that I used to make pajama pants. 
I had an order for stocking caps. 
I LOVE how they turned out!
The kraut that had been fermenting for a month is finally ready! 
Bring on the brats! YUM!
Playing hooky (a cute term for crocheting) is now pretty much a constant. Thankful for orders that are coming through from friends, family and my etsy... which is open again!

I look forward to TRYING to slow this month down a wee bit and savoring each and every moment. 

I'll be back here and there. Maybe not daily, but hopefully a couple times a week....
Enjoy this beautiful month friends!

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