Tuesday, December 31, 2013

I'll tell the world...

This picture may look a little strange. 
The snap of camera lens was slightly later than I wanted it to be, but still... it got the look on his face.
Do you see it?
Do you see that grin?
Even if you don't, it is there...
And one other thing that you probably don't see is a little girl. The little girl is hurrying back to her car where Moma waits on her.
This is what happened.
My family and I are Christ followers. We believe in Jesus, the Bible, God the Father, The Holy Spirit, we believe. We also believe that it is important to share our faith with others. 
My husband is great at this. He lets everyone know that Jesus loves them. He loves the opportunity to share the love of God with others. 

The Bible tells us to "Go into all the world and preach the gospel..." Mark 16:15
For me and my family our 'world' is here, in our hometown. 
Many don't know, many are deceived, and many are lost without the hope that Christ brings.

This is what brings me back to the photo above and our little story. 
A couple of days before Christmas, we were going to do our LAST 'last minute' preparations for Christmas. My children watched my husband write around 30 handwritten cards for his fellow workers and share his heart with each and every one. It wasn't a generic greeting, he encouraged each one specifically to who they were and spoke of our Savior. I helped him wrap up a small gift to give each one of them along with his note, and we took them to him to distribute at work.

My little dumplin, she took this all in, and she took it to heart. I saw her frantically looking all over the house. "Don't we have a Bible around here that we don't use any more?" 
I looked at her a bit blank and said, "What???"
She said, "Never mind" and went back to searching...
All around the house she went as I was finishing up some things so we could head out the door.
Finally she came to me.
"Moma, I've written a note. I want to give it to someone at Walmart, do you know anyones name there?"
I was unsure of what she was wanting and asked her to explain a bit more...
"I wrote a note, like Daddy. I want to tell people about Jesus and how much He loves them. I want them to know how they can have a very happy Christmas. I want them to know Jesus too. I just don't know their name..."
My heart, a big pile of mush sat there as she poured her little heart into that letter that she read to me. I've witnessed her writings before, but this was different, this was grand and beautiful and it pierced my heart.  This little one had a burden for the lost. She knew how much we needed to share the love of Jesus with others and this was a way of her doing just that. 

As we walked around Walmart finishing up those last few things she shifted that note in her pocket and looked around frantically, trying to find just the right person. Then we finished and we walked out. She still had the note in her pocket and she was on the verge of tears. 
"Carlie, what's wrong?"
"I didn't give the note to anyone, Moma"
"Don't cry, we are still here, we can find someone to give the note to... do you see anyone you would like to give it to?"
She raised her head and a nervous smile came across her face.
"Yes! Will you wait on me?"
I watched with pride and with brokenness as my 9 year old shared her love of our Lord with that man. I watched as he smiled when she gave it to him... not knowing what he might think or how he might react. We are not responsible for the outcome... that is all up to God. We are just responsible to act. To go. To share. 
My little girl taught me a valuable lesson. One that I hope I never forget. There are ways to share His love, every. single. day... We just have to do it.
And for this sad, and desperate world, we need to do it today.

May God bless you today and throughout the coming new year.

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