Friday, October 25, 2013

Real Hot Cocoa

This morning I woke early and it was COLD in the house. I started in there to make some coffee, but then thought that instead of making something hot that just Cameo and I drink, I would make something for all of us. Something with real ingredients and not from a packet (not that we have those anyways). Something that will warm everyone... all the way to their toes!

I made up a batch of my chocolate syrup and then added some to my mini crockpot.
To the chocolate syrup I added enough milk to bring it to about 3/4's the way full. I would imagine this would be about 3 cups if I were measuring.
Then I added heavy cream and mixed in right at the top.
Creamy, dreamy... by far the best hot cocoa we have had all year!
And with the crock, it will stay warm when we need that 2nd cup later on this morning.

Here's some loose directions for everything:

For the chocolate syrup
2 cups sweetener (I used honey)
1 cup water
1.5 cup cocoa
Warm honey and water til incorporated.
Mix in cocoa and vanilla.
Let cool.
(unless you are making hot cocoa... if so, use immediately!)

For the cocoa:
1.5 cup chocolate syrup
3 cups milk
1 cup heavy cream
Warm gently

Serve with marshmallows.

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  1. OH YUMMY. There is nothing better than real cocoa. We were at a party last year and after Jessica and I emptied our cups, we found out there was sweetened condensed milk along with heavy cream in it! No wonder we wanted to lick the pot. Yours sounds good, going to try it!