Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

Recently our church took our children and preschool departments to The Pumpkin Patch. We've been once before when my children were much younger... so it was a treat to get to go again.
There was a hayride, a corn maze, a corn-bin for the kids to dig and play in and a hayride to pick a pumpkin. 

You couldn't have asked for a prettier day. The sky was blue and it was really beautiful. 
And, this Moma is in awe of what big kids I have.

I'm glad they enjoyed the patch.

Even my youngest looks so big now, and my oldest... she opted out of the trip. 
My children are growing, and I know that it won't be too much longer before they are not children any more.  Cherish the moments now, while they are still here, friends. They change in a blink of an eye.



  1. *They change in a blink of an eye.* That they do!

    I miss my kids being little. I can't wait to have grandchildren ;-)

    Beautiful pictures!

    Matthew 6:30

  2. ??? I thought pumpkins came from cardboard crates. ????