Thursday, October 10, 2013

Homemade Vapor Rub

I have been collecting supplies for my Apothecary cabinet for a while now. One section of supplies that I have gathered are my essential oils. The oils I have now, are not the top-of-the-line oils out there, but... they are what I have at the moment and what I can afford, so they work.
Anyone know what I mean out there?

Ideally, I will make this again, and take the time to melt some beeswax with this concoction so that it will be a bit more firm. But tonight my youngest daughter was struggling with a cough and I was in the middle of canning applesauce and I had to do something quick.

1/4 cup of coconut oil
10 drops of eucalyptus essential oil
10 drops of peppermint essential oil
5 drops of rosemary essential oil
5 drops of clove essential oil
5 drops of grapefruit essential oil

Honestly... that is not an exact recipe.
If there is one or another that you don't have or can't use, by all means go without it.
Here's just a few of the reasons I chose these particular oils.
 (although I just pulled out all the oils for the pic above)

The coconut oil is the carrier.
Eucalyptus oil is good for respiratory issues.
As is peppermint oil.
Clove oil has anti-inflammatory properties
Rosemary oil is an immune system booster.
Grapefruit oil is an antioxidant.

I added the coconut oil to my tin. You can use a small mason jar. An altoid can. Whatever you might have. I then mix in the oils thoroughly. 
I rubbed this on her feet and then had her put socks on.

Why in the world would I rub this on her feet, you might ask...
The feet have the biggest pores on the body. 
When you put something, with all these good properties, on the feet, they get into the body and begin activating very, very quickly.
As I sit her now and finish this post... there is a quiet in her room.
NO coughing.
Sweet sleep. 

Please do remember, I'm just a mom. 
I'm not a trained herbalist. I'm not a doctor.
I'm just trying to nourish my children with whole foods, natural remedies and lots of love.

Have a great day friends!

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