Wednesday, August 14, 2013

No Grocery Store Challenge Update

So! How's it going?
Have you been able to save a little for these past two weeks?
Have you had to take a trip to the grocery?
I'm going to be straight up with you...
I have.
Kicking and screaming... (not really) I did go to the supermarket.
There have been some circumstances that forced my trip. It's ok though, because through it we got to celebrate a birthday with some extended family.
My BABY boy turned 8 a few days ago! That's my youngest... My youngest is 8!!
I am nearing 40, what?!?!? Excuse me for a minute.
Ok, what? We were talking about the grocery store.
Anyways, even if you have had to take a trip to the grocery store (like me) keep on with the challenge. Try not to go back. If you are like me, any time I can avoid it, I can avoid garbage foods and overspending. So don't give up. We've got 2 weeks to go.
You can do it!
I can do it, too! :)



  1. Happy Birthday to your son! My youngest 'grandson' turned 8 years old, Sunday. :)

    I think this is a great challenge and wish I could have taken part, but due to my recent diagnosis of type 2 Diabetes, I can't eat a lot of the foods in my freezer and pantry.

  2. I've blown it! Gonna keep trying though! I once did a challenge with my sister we called it the 50 cent meal challenge and we had a budget of 250 for 6 weeks. I love a challenge so gonna get with it and not go to the store!