Monday, August 19, 2013

Closing in...

I do believe this has been our busiest summer so far. So busy that I am *just now* gearing up for our 2013/2014 homeschool year! We will begin the first week of September. So I have about 2 weeks to get a plan and to organize that plan. As with anything I do, I like to have things really FRESH. Meaning, I want to completely clean the area, top to bottom before we start. I want to rearrange, make things more organized and easy to access and to find. 
So we begin. 
Pulling out books, Rearranging books, Sorting through books.
It is no small task. 
If I am not back in the morning, it's because I am under a stack of books somewhere in my home.

Let the planning commence!


  1. I hear that!!! We were actually going to start today, but I got way sick over the weekend and still in recovery mode. I told the kids we would start on Wednesday, but I still need to go through everything like you are currently doing. There's no where I'd rather be than in the garden or under a pile of books. Enjoy and good luck!

  2. I've been under that same pile of books....and was excited just as you are. Those were some of the best days. Now I have one *kid* in 11th grade. The happy chaos is a thing of the past.