Monday, July 29, 2013

What can I do with all these tomatoes?

Tomatoes are coming in, friends. Daily we are gathering more and more, and I am sure you are too! I have been rearranging things in the kitchen and laundry area making better use of my space for food storage and it has been a blessing for sure!

So what does one do with an abundance of tomatoes???
Can them (that is my first pick!)
Make them into spaghetti sauce
Eat them on sandwiches, hamburgers, alongside your breakfast, lunch or dinner!
Make tomato juice
Use them in vegetable soup
Freeze them
Dehydrate them
Sun dry them
Make tomato paste
Tomato Sauce

One fantastic way of using your tomatoes is to make up some fresh Pico de Gallo (or salsa fresca=fresh salsa). It's easy, quick and delicious!
Serve it alongside your tacos, fajitas, or simply with some chips!
Picture from web

4 tomatoes (you can de-seed these to make it more chunky, if you leave the seeds in it may be a bit watery) chopped fine
1 onion, chopped fine
2-3 jalepenos chopped fine and de-seeded if you wish(remember, the heat is in the seeds)
Cilantro. As much or as little as you like, it can really add some heat so be careful!
lime juice, just a squeeze over the mixture
salt, to taste

Enjoy your tomatoes!


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  1. Tomatoes are one of the biggest contributors to our pantry. I like to can crushed tomatoes, sauce and tomato soup. Have fun.