Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Garlic Growing and Pesky Little Felines

For the first time, EVER... this gal grew some amazing garlic. The key for me was planting in the fall. I have had many tell me you could plant in spring or fall, but it never worked in the spring for me. This was planted in the fall and it is just gorgeous now after I have pulled it all up!
I love to see people take their garlic and braid it to cure and keep it throughout the year, so I am doing the same. 

It is very simple to do.
First take 3 stalks

Trim off the roots

Tie them together right under the bulb.
Keep pesky cat from pulling it off the table while you work.
Now, just like French Braiding, pull another stalk in as you criss cross in braiding fashion.

Hey, am I in the way? Am I bothering you???
Cause, I love you and I want you to put everything down and hold me and pet me and let me purr in your lap. haha
Continue braiding until you get the length you want and then finish off by braiding the remaining stalk.
Tie off and trim excess at bottom, any pieces sticking out willy-nilly. 

Hang it somewhere and when you want a bulb of garlic, it is very handy to find one! 

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