Friday, June 21, 2013

Where Cousins become Best Friends

One day a week in Summer, we have "Grandma" day. My Mom works in the cafeteria in the local school system so she follows a public school schedule. When school is out, she's off work. 
So she has requested that we have one day a week together. We did it last summer and it was nice to be together. Our plan is to just play at the pool, but if it is a rainy day, we may go to the dollar theater or rent a movie at her house or play games. It's fun. 

My Sister-n-law made this sign for the back porch at her house. I think it is perfectly fitting because cousins do become best friends at their grandparent's house. I remember as a child and even older, that my Nannie's house was my favorite place to go, because I knew my cousins would be there and we have a lot of cousins. We were all so close it was more like extended brothers and sisters. I want that for my family... and I think it already is a lot like that. 

Simple food, great conversation, lots of laughs and sillies. 
They all love being together!

Another great thing is that my nieces from my husbands side of the family are very close as well! So it's just one big ole happy family! 

My brother-n-law dropped off a rescue from a job site. The kids dubbed him Speedy the Turtle. 

Having some fun in the sun!

They played, and played, and played!

And then they begin to crash. 
Nothing like swimming all day to completely wipe you out. 
I'm sure they all slept hard last night. I know mine did!

Time. Time is important! Spend some time with family this week!


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  1. wow what a great day! when i look at the swimming pool i just want to jump right into it

    thanks for sharing these happy moments with us
    loves soraya