Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Meet some of the barnyard family

I know I may be odd, but I enjoy our barnyard family. I appreciate what they do for us. I am not overly so... just appreciative. I appreciate the eggs they give. I appreciate the bugs they eat. I appreciate the fertilize they spread. I appreciate the meat and stock they eventually become. I treat them well. They have a happy life here. But... when it comes time for freezer camp. Well, that's just part of life on the farm. Nothing hateful here. Just truth. Plain and simple. 
Here are some of our feathered friends who were kindly enough to pose for me one evening while working in the barnyard. 

This is Grandmaw. She is named after my Mom. She is a Buff Orpington.  We have had her and Moma (see below, also a Buff) for the longest time. So it is around here. Grandmaw and Moma are always around. 

 Here is the Papa of the flock... his name is Sergeant Slaughter. He is part Araucana.  I don't plan on doing him in anytime soon. He is a good rooster. He takes care of the ladies and he does his job of, *ahem* making eggs fertile.  haha
Moma is with him.  They are a pair. If you see him, you usually see her.
 This is Ruby. She is my only other big red hen. Ruby is a Rhode Island Red.  I shared one with my Moma because she loves how they look.
 This is a Silver Wyandotte. She is named Lacey and is such a pretty little girl.
 Domino. She is a Barred Rock and she has a little bit of an attitude. Not towards me, but towards a couple of the smaller hens. That pesky pecking order has to play out sometimes. She doesn't hurt anyone, she just bows up at them from time to time.
 These are the two she gives a hard time. Red... and Little Red. They are Red Sex Links. We are truly genuine namers huh? LOL! These two are my pets. They come up to your just like a cat or dog and you can pick them right up without them flipping out on you. Cute and sweet!

This is not all of our barnyard. Maybe soon I can get pics of all the other ladies of the yard. As well as our feisty ole guineas.
Have a great day friends. Make sure to try and get outside... even for a little bit. Soak up a little sun... Enjoy a little bit of this beautiful creation!


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  1. Today is an awsome day that God has given us! I just came in to take a break from fencing and decided to check on some blogs. After reading your post I decided to drop in to say "hi" and that I enjoy your blog.

    Chickens are wonderful and you all have some beautiful ones! I like ours, too. We are in a season of chick hatching right now, which is another thing we can add to the list of things to appreciate about chickens! One of our hens hatched out 11 chicks on June 1st and we have 2 more that are setting right now that should hatch next week and the week after.

    God bles, and enjoy your day!