Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Good Morning Garden :: June 26, 2013

In keeping a weekly online journal of the garden this year, I am really enjoying seeing the progress of how things are coming along. To see changes being made and realizing some big changes that are going to have to be made in the upcoming fall season. But... that's part of the process. Seeing what works, what doesn't. What you enjoy and what you don't . You learn and grow... and so does the garden. 
Realizing our horrendous issue with what we call 'crab grass' we are going to have to take some drastic measures in our future garden plans. This stuff is terribly invasive and it is taking over faster than we can fight it. Enough with the problems. Let's look at the happy side of the garden right now. 
 If you remember... I planted celery from a cutting. It is still growing. I am happy to see that it is working. I plan on adding one or two more to the garden soon!
My green beans are my favorite vegetable in the garden right now. They look so amazing. They are growing and climbing and they look so lovely. 

Look at those tendrils!!! 

I have one bed of tomatoes that are growing beautifully! They have nice healthy stalks, no sign of disease... right now, THANK THE LORD, and lots of pretty little green tomatoes!

The pumpkin patch is growing happily. The leaves are so huge and gorgeous! I am totally amazed by the garden. These huge plants all packed in one tiny little seed. Truly a miracle. 

A soon-to-be sunflower... with a friendly little guest. 

Swiss Chard. I don't have much up yet, but this bunch hopped up early and looks so beautifully tender. I will be picking some of it early for salads and leaving some to saute later. 

The grape vine has blown my mind. I can hardly believe all the vines and grapes this is loaded with. I pruned it back SOOOOOO far. I was afraid it was TOO far, but yet, look at that growth! Incredible!

My first 2 sun gold tomatoes. Around here we call the little tomatoes tommy-toes. 
These two little tommy-toes will be delicious alongside my eggs this morning for breakfast!
I hope your day is splendid! 
Ours will be spent... In the garden!


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