Wednesday, May 22, 2013

This way... that way...

I have had a project in the back of my mind for a long time now, and I am not one that likes to wait when there is something I want to make or do...
 I am a bit impatient and I want to do it when I get the gumption to DO it. It's tough, because there are times of crafting droughts... and then when inspiration hits, you gotta move!
Any of you crafters out there reading?!?!
                                        Please help a sister out! :) haha

SO! To get back on topic, I got the help of a couple of wonderful helpers of mine and they set me a post in the ground, quick-creted it in and I got my signs ready.

I think it is ADORABLE! I absolutely love it! 
I love the imperfectness of it!
I didn't want it to be beautifully written, I was actually trying to make it look a little messy. 

 I wanted to point to things that we have right now... and hopefully things will have in the near future. Hint, hint! :)
If those things *goats & pigs* don't happen soon, I will repaint them.
 In case you are wondering about the Hobbit Hole, it is what we call the root cellar. A friend of mine dubbed it that name because it looks just like one with the hump in the ground. We hit rock when we were building it... many moons ago.  You can see it in the background of all these pictures. It has some rye grass growing on it with a ton of weeds.

 I wish I had an outhouse so I could have put *Privy* on one! What a hoot, huh???
Maybe one day we will build us a cute little outhouse.

This project is easy to make. It's just a post, some scrap pieces of wood. Angle off the end to make a point. Slap some paint on there and write your favorite places around the homestead. Easy Peasy!
And don't make it difficult... make it rustic and fun!

Let me know if you make one for your place!


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  1. We have a professionally made sign. It says: Complaint Department 300 miles------- and some say it seems to be pointing towards the Gulf of Mexico......