Tuesday, May 28, 2013

She who walks with chickens...

We have two little hens that are like kittens or puppies... They just let you pick them right up and hold them. To my Carlie Jean Dumplin... this is bliss. She loves to walk out in the chicken yard and pick them up and walk them around like they are her babies. When she does, the rest of the flock walks with her...

Following, hoping that surely she has a treat in her pocket that she is going to part with. Or that hopefully she thought of them and has brought them an overripe strawberry or two (Like she normally does). 

The way they follow her around you would think they all enjoy her petting and loving. No, they just follow. She is calm and sweet. Taking careful steps so no one gets underfoot.

Red... she is special though. So, if the Dumplin's little pockets do hold only one treat... it will most definitely go to Red. That happens when you have a favorite.

1 comment:

  1. Oh how precious this is. You always have the most beautiful pictures. Glad to see your kiddies enjoying their livestock. I love your rooster he is so beautiful.
    Have a great evening.