Monday, May 6, 2013

Seasons at Home Magazine

One of my most favorite things to do is to have a seat in my most comfy chair with my favorite quilt and a steamy cup and read or stitch. When I can do that it is a rare treat and one that I look forward to. I had the opportunity to read through a deliciously beautiful magazine this weekend and it was a clam during my very stormy weekend.

Seasons at Home Magazine
The top magazine is May 2009. I love this magazine. It is a treat for the eyes and for the spirit. Wonderful projects and lovely pictures. Encouragement for the family through activities to do together.

In this particular magazine, there are instructions for homemade goat milk soap! I am DEFINITELY going to give that a try once I get some goat milk.  How to make yogurt, how to build a toolbox for those boys in your life. A special tea for the little ladies in your family. 
It is a beautiful magazine. 

Another great aspect is that it is family owned. You know you are supporting a family with traditional values when you subscribe!

Not only can you subscribe to new and future magazines, but you can purchase older issues as well! This is fantastic, because these magazines are not ones that you will toss out when the new issue comes in. I'm sure you will tuck them away or file them on your bookshelf. 

Please consider a subscription for your family. I think it will be a blessing to you! Homeschoolers and parents alike will glean much knowledge from the pages and you will be inspired to try some of the projects yourself!

If you do subscribe, let them know I sent you! 

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  1. I love to settle in with a cup of java, and a godd old magazine. I am a real Weekness for country sampler. I have every issue for the last 4 or more years and I always go back to th, as well.
    It is such a relaxing thought.