Thursday, May 30, 2013

My garden update

My garden is my favorite place. I love walking out the back door onto the back deck and getting a glimpse of the ever growing creation in my view. New beds are being added often, new seeds being planted... even today. New growth, new life, new hope. 

The sun was shining right on the garden in these pictures and it was so beautiful I couldn't help but take several.  There are many spots where weeding needs to be done. Spots that we don't see the growth, but I am certain there is much goings on under the soil. The beauty of a garden... I love the hope it holds. 

Along with the garden, we have the chickens to see, the fire pit to sit around. The enjoyment of seeing apple blossoms turn into tiny apples. Clothes flapping in the breeze. The garden area is certainly full of beauty and wonder. 

If I can persuade you to grow something... do it! Even if you don't have your own homestead yet. Grow something in a container. In a flower pot. On your windowsill. It is a beautiful thing and may stir something inside you that makes you want to grow more and more. I know it has for me!



  1. What a lovely space, I just added raised beds this year and hoping they stay pretty since they are right out my front door

  2. Lovely garden- it's so true that growing something- anything, is such a balm to the soul.