Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Happy Little Birds

It's Springtime and I have had some happy little visitors coming by my bird watching station despite ALL the rain we have been having lately. 
Some birds that I have only been able to witness on rare occasions. Some brand new to our homestead and some regular visitors. 

 This bluebird was so cute setting on our clothesline. I love how the rain droplets are hanging to the clothesline also. You can tell he has been drenched by the rain and is a bit fluffed out trying to dry off. Such a cutie!
I believe this is a house finch. He has a much more prominent beak than a sparrow or some other smallish bird. Plus the coloring on his chest. If I am wrong, I'd be happy for someone to let me know.

Of course we know who Mr. Cardinal is... his vibrant red color makes him very easy to identify. Isn't he just gorgeous! We have an incredible Creator!
Now this little guy... He's new. I've spotted him several times recently, but this is the first year. I believe he is an Indigo Bunting. He is just beautiful, I know that much!
The wee chickadee! Such a sweet little thing. So tiny and yes, he is a long time visitor.

And another Cardinal.
I hope to be able to snap some pics of the other new visitors. I've spotted an Eastern Towhee and a Red winged black bird.
I love birding!


  1. Hi Chas....We are also enjoying all the birds in our backyard visiting our feeders. The cardinals are my favorite, but we had first time visitors this year too, the indigo buntings. They are gorgeous and we had to look them up on the internet to indentify them. Blessings, Carolyn in northwest Florida

  2. Beautiful pcs Chas as always. Take care