Friday, May 17, 2013

A Happy Thrifting Find...

Good Morning! It's FRIDAY! I hope your Friday is a happy one! This week in my hometown we have an event called Antique Alley. It goes up and down a road in our city for MILES! On Wednesday, I took my nieces to school and there were a few people already set up. It normally doesn't start until Thursday, but these guys had a jump on things!
I found the dinner bell above. It is HEAVY! Cast iron! The bell is amazingly clear and LOUD! The only thing... well someone had painted it and it was ugly.

Yeah, I thought so too.

Well, it was only $5 so I brought it home with me, knowing I could do something about the paint and make it look as it should.

I took some black paint and painted over the rooster. It worked very well and the paint just seeped into the cast iron so it didn't look like I just painted it. It looked old, like it should!

The bell now resides on our back deck.
I look forward to ringing it for supper time. It is so loud that you may hear it from your house. I usually cook a little extra... just in case you are inclined to stop by.

Have a great day friends!



  1. What a great deal! Wonderful what a coat of paint can do!
    Lisa :O)

  2. that is cute, all I could find around here was a Tx star ,I have been looking for a rooster since I have chickens lol

  3. Love your dinner bell! My paternal gramma, Virginia Cora, had one on her back veranda to call everyone in for some good "eats". Sweet memories. Blessings, Carolyn in Florida

  4. Dear Chas,
    You are a kindred spirit indeed. I am forever *modifying* thrift finds into what I wished them to be!
    I have recently launched into doing clothing remakes too. It is hard to find modest clothing for my girls. I would love it if you did some of your teachings on sewing. That is an area I haven't had any training in, and though I have learned several things by myself, I think sewing may be best taught by someone who knows what they're doing!
    Off to church,
    Have a wonderful day. Oh, and stopping by for dinner on the homestead sounds so nice.
    Jen B