Monday, May 20, 2013

A family that works together...

Around here, we all work. Dad, Mom, the kids, the chickens, the cat and the dog... we all work doing something. Our jobs or expertise may vary, but it is important that we all do something to help the family.
Shannon grew up having to do chores, to help around the house, to help his grandparents in the garden and he is an excellent worker.
I grew up working too. I was the oldest child, with a 4 years younger sister, so I worked. I was my Dad's 'son'. I mowed the grass, I drove the machines, I was raised to be tough. My Mom depended on me to help cook and clean, to be responsible and to help out around the house with my sister.

Working is a part of life, as it should be.  Don't be afraid to have your children work. I promise you, it's not going to hurt them. There is a time for everything! Even a young child can have work to do. Perhaps it's helping Moma put dishes away. Or helping Dad by holding a hammer til he needs it. A child that's a little older could help start laundry or match socks with the help of an older sibling. Before long they will be responsible enough to do jobs alone. Folding clothes, sweeping the floor, laying out ingredients for supper, mowing the grass.

We are put here to serve. The first lesson we get as we grow up is in serving the family. Once we teach our children and *sometimes we have to reteach ourselves*, to serve, it becomes important to us to serve others as well. And when we serve others, we are serving The Lord!

Here's some examples of serving the family from the weekend...

 Shannon and Eli built me a small raised bed to plant my walking onions. It didn't take long, but that's not the point. It was the fact that they wanted to bless me, by building me this bed for the garden. And bless me it did!

 One of Carlie's favorite chores is laundry. She is good at it too. Laundry can be a big job when you have a big family. To see my 8 year old take on this task is a major blessing.

 Abram likes to put laundry where it goes once it is folded. Here he is taking the towels to put away... while snacking on a strawberry.

 Cameo always chooses the bathroom cleaning. She is very particular about clean bathrooms and especially the children's/guest bathroom. She designed it, painted it, and picked the decor out. When we let our kids in on decisions, they feel important and seem to be even more eager to help!

 Like I said, Eli likes to work with Dad. He is becoming his right arm. When Dad worked on the fence, Eli was there working too. When Dad was fixing the washer line, Eli was right there helping.
It makes me so proud to see my children growing up and realizing that working is a part of life. The more we learn how to work and not complain about it, the better off we will be. Instead of depending on someone else to do it for us.

*** And lest someone thinks that Moma wasn't working, I did go around taking pics of these moments, but I was a part of the laundry, the dishes, the gardening, the bathrooms, the bedrooms...... you get the picture!***

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  1. Jacob has always had chores also, I think it is good for a child to have some around the house.