Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A blessing for Moma...

My brain has been running... well pretty much all the time. Thinking of how we can grow the farm on our shoestring budget. My desire is to have livestock. I would eventually love to have our own milk cow, but with milking any animal, you have to be very consistent to be able to receive that milk. Plus that animal needs a clean, dry place to stay and a good place to be milked. We aren't there yet. One day soon, I hope... but not yet. Also, a milk cow is a big purchase financially... which is another not there yet.

I have considered goats again. I adored having Mamie. I miss her terribly. She was such a bright spot in our day. She loved us and we loved her. I hope to find another Mamie one day.

I'm thinking about pigs, I think we could raise pigs. Of course the fencing we have in Mamie's pasture needs to be worked on a bit, but I think that area could definitely use a good 'natural tiller' aka, the pig!

So... for now. One thing I can do is raise chickens. :)
I am wanting my birds to have a larger area to scratch and peck. We are doing a 'contained' free range, if that makes sense to you.  Let me explain. We have an issue around here with predators. Whether it be coyotes, foxes, stray dogs, opossums, etc. SO, to let our birds be completely free range is risky. Plus there is the issue of them getting in my garden! So for Mother's Day my beloved and my blessings are building a LARGE fenced in area that will connect to the chicken house so the ladies will be able to go out and 'free range'.

If you are wondering about the composting aspect of the girls, it's still working. But we have had buckets and buckets of rain lately and my girls are drowning it seems from all the mud. NOT what I had in mind for them. Plus, I think maybe I have too many in one area for that. If I give them the opportunity to get out and about, I think it will work much better.

This is my mother's day gift. This is better than any present they could buy me at the store or any jewelry or anything. This speaks volumes of love to me!
Thank you my family!
To be able to work together to accomplish something that will bless me and the family. My heart is swelled with appreciation and love.

Now to figure out why blogger is doing this to my phone photos. 


  1. Dear Chas,
    I feel just as you do about Mother's Day gifts. Working together around our home together to accomplish a goal is just the best!
    I didn't realize something happened to Maimie. How long has she been gone? So sorry you miss your sweet goat.
    The very happiest of Mother's Days to you my friend.

  2. What a nice gift. I am sure that your hens will be very happy as well. I too miss Maimie as you lays had the best recipes for dr milk. Take care