Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing at home

More kitchen experimenting going on around here.
I have been reading labels like crazy around here... you know it's bad when the kids say,
   "Mom! There's soy lecithin in this!"
             "Mom, High Fructose Corn Syrup... ugh!"
I'm making food snobs out of my gang.
Not a bad thing I don't think.
So anyhow... even the strawberry vinaigrette dressing at the store is loaded with garbage! SO!
I decided to play around in the kitchen and made a gem of a recipe!


  • Strawberries
  • Vinegar
  • Olive Oil
  • Honey
  • Lemon
  • Poppy Seeds (totally optional, but I LOVE them in this!)

The strawberries here are some freeze dried ones that I got from a Shelf Reliance party that I hosted a while back. They are so yummy, I end up eating a few while I put this together.
Basically to get them ready for the dressing, I take a cup, *ahem* a heaping cup... haha of strawberries and put them in my blender.

A cup of water.

I do have fresh strawberries as well, but my kids are eating them so rapidly, I figured I'd go ahead and use some of my freeze dried ones. If you use fresh, omit the water. Just puree. You could use frozen strawberries as well!
Next is 2 Tablespoons of ACV (Apple Cider Vinegar)

A whole lemon or 1/4 cup (no seeds)... whichever you get. This is so not technical, if you get less or more, it is fine. No worries!

Here's a blurry pic of the container of strawberries that I bought.
It's a good idea to have things in our pantries. I wouldn't mind having another party to get a few more things.

2 Tablespoons of honey

Turn your blender on and as it begins mixing, pour your 1/4 cup of olive oil in and let it get incorporated very well.

Now add your 2 Tablespoons of poppy seeds and pulse a couple of times to mix.

Once you are finished, make room on your very busy and clutter table and pour into a jar. I got some organic lemonade in this one and the jar was perfect for dressings so I washed it up and kept it for this purpose!

Very delicious and so much better for you than those grocery store dressings.



  1. How long would you say this would keep in the fridge?

    1. Hi Meredith!
      I would say this could easily keep anywhere from 2 weeks to a month. We use it up so quickly, that it has not lasted past two weeks. But I see no reason why it couldn't last a little longer. :)
      I hope that helps!