Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Serving the family...

How do you like to take care of things? Are you a morning person? A night owl? I am a little of both, if that even makes sense. I love waking up early, if I am not exhausted. I love getting things done at night, if I'm not a walking zombie. Either way, sometimes... things just have to be done?
Any Mom's out there know where I'm coming from?
At least in a few hours I can get up and have coffee. haha 
but really... 

Tonight is one of those nights for me.
 I have been purging our home of convenience items for a while now and were are really getting down to the nitty gritty.
Most of the boxes of crackers are gone.
The store bought bread has been long gone.
The dressings are outta here.
 I'm so glad... but it does pose an issue.

When convenience items are gone, you have to do some prepping! Getting things prepared for the next day and/or week!

This is a prep time for me.

It's late already, I can here my honey deeply breathing from the bedroom. I can imagine how warm and cozy it will be to go in and sidle up beside him.

 For now though... I have to finish.
Kefir has been strained and started again.
             Sourdough starter has been split 3 ways and fed.
                         Sour cream is setting up, as well as the cream cheese.
                                   Honey's lunch is made and will be waiting for him.

2 loaves of sourdough bread is on their first rest. A double batch of sourdough tortillas are souring for tomorrows frying. A few pieces of chicken have been cooked up for lunches tomorrow.

Pastured pork chops went into the crockpot on low to slowly cook through the night and tomorrow for supper.
The coffee is on... waiting on me to wake up. 

All this to say, there are sometimes that it's hard to get away from the convenience food trap. From microwaves and 30 second meals. To know how good REAL food tastes, how nice it is to sit down to a meal together as a family. 
It's worth it. 
It's totally worth it. 
All this prep took me maybe 30 minutes plus a few minutes to clean up everything I used. Yeah, I was already tired when I started it... but the deep satisfaction of knowing that things are well on their way for tomorrow morning trumps that sleepiness for that extra 30-45 minutes. 

Don't be afraid to start ridding your home of some of those foods that you know have no benefit to you and your family. Embrace natural, God made foods! Involve your kids. Mine helped me so sweetly tonight. They put away the dishes as I cleaned them. They even got the last load of laundry happily spinning away in the washer. It's good for our kids to work, to not be waited on, but to help by serving the family. 
Have a great day friends and may you enjoy the fruits of your labor and enjoy serving your family as I do mine!


  1. Loved reading this :)
    I am also a combination but more towards a night owl. I do, definitely, feel like my days is going to be great when I rise early and accomplish much. I'm trying to find dressings my family will eat, not an easy task! My older girls, 17 and 15, are in charge of washing dinner dishes. The conversations they have are such a blessing! Memories being made...
    How do you live without Ritz crackers??????
    God willing, I will be trying out your soap recipe with a dear friend soon.
    Have a blessed day!

    1. Hi Cindy!
      If you guys are ranch eaters, I think I have a post on how to make a healthier form of ranch and we all love it!
      My girls will be those ages in a twinkle of an eye. It's moving by rapidly!
      Haha... Ritz crackers... notice I said, MOST of the crackers are gone... meaning yes, we still have a box or so of Ritz in the pantry. *blush*
      I look forward to hearing about your soaping adventure!