Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Letting the Chickens do their thing!

Recently I mentioned that our chickens were now in their coop. I was feeling a bit remorseful about this because I really like for the chickens to free range, but my garden was being destroyed by them. Happily I found some info about a way of composting with your chickens and it was perfect timing! The chickens do their thing, scratch and peck, and eat  and they would help by stirring and mixing our compost for us!
Win! Win!

We are now throwing out hay, kitchen scraps, leaves, weeds, grass clippings and such and letting the girls scratch through it!
Letting the chickens be chickens and letting them do their job! Scratching through all that, gathering the nutrients and working the soil even better.

Afterwards, we get pretty grand looking compost! The picture below isn't completely finished, so we tossed it in with the chickens also.

Just another great benefit of having chickens on the homestead!
Do your work chickens! We sure are enjoying it!


  1. Hello, I came by earlier and couldn't leave a comment... so here I am back again... We were putting chicken wire fences around our garden today. Husband made a new area for our tomatoes this year and he is preparing to keep the chickens out.. I also used your swagbuck search thingy and won some money for me... Thanks !!

    1. Hi Ancient One. ;) I'm glad you stopped back by. I think putting wire around the garden is a very good idea. It is something that I am still thinking about. While this is working, I really enjoy the chickens being out and about. I'm still pondering.
      And YAY for the swagbucks win. That's always good!
      Blessings to you! :)