Monday, April 22, 2013

How does your garden grow?

Oh Chassy, Chassy (my nephews call me Aunt Chassy... be still my heart) How does your garden grow?

It's finally getting green and growing well. Rhubarb is GORGEOUS! Completely full and green. Just beautiful!

Strawberry blooms are abundant. Sadly, weeds are abundant as well. It's a task keeping this garden growing, but a delightful task it is.

I have planted garlic for many years now... planting in the spring.
Failures each time.
This time I planted in the fall and look how tall and happy it is! I am looking forward to a big harvest this summer! If I can give a tip... PLANT GARLIC IN THE FALL!!
My onions are popping up and standing straight. I'm happy to see them, because this bunch can go through a lot of onions!

I pruned our grapevine within an inch of it's life, I was worried that I did too much. Thankfully, I have a lot of beautiful leaves that are sprouting out. I am hoping for a great grape harvest. Our supply of grape juice has almost been depleted.

This is our apple tree. I so want an apple harvest this year. Even if it's a small one. Our trees are still really young, but we should be able to get a few pounds this year from each tree.

I tried a little something different this year. I planted our lettuce in a container garden. I took a galvanized washtub and filled it with some soil. The lettuce is up and filling out nicely. I adore butter crunch lettuce. It's one of my favorites, so this spring mix variety is a fun lettuce to grow. 
I love all the colors and varieties of the mix. Happy salad plates coming up soon!

A few of our blessings that are growing here on the homestead. I hope things are coming up 'green' in your neck of the woods. To my friends with snow on the ground... I am sure it won't be long for your green pastures. That snow is going to help make a nice soil for you to work in, I have no doubt! 



  1. Oh that every child would be so blessed to have an Aunt Chassy!

    Your basket/quilt is just the thing! How sweet.

    It is no wonder that your beautiful homestead makes you happy. I feel happy for you going on a virtual 'tour'.

    Your are looking well. Congrats on progressing towards your goal. You're always beautiful, no matter.

    Thanks for the fitting word regarding the snow. Not one to complain about the weather, I have been tempted!

    Blessings to you and yours,

    1. Thanks, Jen! :) I love my nieces and nephews!
      I'm glad it's making you smile. That makes things even cherrier (It's a word, right?) ;)
      Thanks... my goal is SLOW going!


  2. (Somebody else calls you Chassy, too... ;) hee hee) I have a waRshtub just like that, I wonder if I could grow a whole salad in there? lol I love your blog!! And you, too. <3


    1. Hey! How'd you know we call em waRshtubs around here? ;) I am purdy sure you could grow you a whole heap of a salad in one! :) I really did see them at the farmers market last week. I thought of it first though! :D