Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A barn quilt for the hen house

I have a special place in my heart for our little homestead. It makes me so happy. It may be small and not particularly perfect... but it IS growing and it is a happy place to be.

I adore barn quilts. One day... ONE DAY, when I get my barn, I will paint a barn quilt to go on OUR BARN. Yes, yes I will. :)

Well, until then. I decided to go a little smaller scale and paint one for my hen house.

And truly, what better quilt to paint than a basket full of eggs.

Now, friends. I am NOT an artist. Haha... I have no qualms saying that. I know truth. BUT, this is pretty standard and pretty simple, and you won't be looking at it too closely, but from across the garden. SO if it isn't perfect, that's OK!

I started painting it one evening and by the next morning I was up finishing it... I was so tickled. I realized afterwards, that I should have gone up a little larger in size.
That's ok. It is sweet.

Yeah, I really should have pulled the hose back up before I took the picture, but I was so stinkin tickled. You forgive me for that, right?

My little hen house has a history. My family used to have a 'junk yard'. Meaning we would sell used car parts and cars. It was called junk yard before the politically correctness got all involved, and it became a little more sophisticated and became... Auto Salvage.
We still called it the junk yard. Well, this little hen house was a place that held starters and alternators and who knows what else...
Before that, when I was a VERY young girl and our junk yard was still pretty new, well... my Popa liked to play cards in this very house. He and his buddies would get together on the weekend and play cards and gamble. What a history to this little building.

Here we are on the 3rd generation to own the little building. It houses my hens, roosters and guineas. We gather eggs and hatch off babes. I declare, I think I have the happiest of times with the little house.
To make it even nicer, the 'hen house quilt' looks special and it makes me smile when I look out at it.

I can see it from my kitchen window. I can look out and see my hen house and coop. My orchard and parts of the garden. All the while it makes my dish washing chore so much nicer.
My happy place is my homestead. We can all do things to make our worlds a more beautiful and happier place. Enjoy and remember it's the little things.


  1. Don't worry about the hose, it's part of the farm. I love your little picture......so glad you get to enjoy the things you describe. What you look out on while doing dishes, DOES matter.

    1. You are exactly right... it is SO nice to see something happy while looking out my kitchen window. :) I knew you would get me Mrs. Mo! :)
      Have a wonderful day!

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