Tuesday, March 19, 2013

You gotta put that bread somewhere!

After making your own delicious bread, you need somewhere to store it! That's where this post comes in. I am in no way shape or form a seamstress, but here's a little idea of what I did to make myself a bread bag.
I found some fabric in my stash and brought it out to my cutting mat. Nothing says homey like gingham... well, in my opinion.
I cut out 2 pieces, one overlapping the other so you get two pieces, about 19 inches long and about 14 inches wide.
Now, stitch around the outside of the rectangle, leaving one of the shorter sides open.
Just a straight stitch, turning at the corners. This is a good part for your kids to help with, if they enjoy helping in the sewing room like mine do.

Now at the opening of your bag, you want to snip in about an inch. This is so you can make your drawstring closure. Do it on both sides. 

Turn in your sides and then turn them down
... like the picture below.

Now stitch across each side just like this so you make a casing for your ribbon, rope, jute or whatever you want to make your drawstring with.

Run your drawstring from one side to the other and tie. Take a second piece, starting at other side, do the same thing. 

Pull on each side and cinch your sack closed.
If your bread is still warm you don't need to wrap it in plastic wrap, you can just leave it in your bag. If it has cooled completely, wrap in plastic wrap if you are storing it until supper or the next day.
A handy little bag to make your bread a little extra special.


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