Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What love looks like...

A couple of weekends ago, we had fair weather (which has NOT been the case around here lately) and we took quick advantage of the somewhat warmish day.

We have had free range birds for a long time now. Having to replenish our flock quite often because of predator problems. After a fox took our flock from around 30 to 14, we had to do something. We let them begin to free range in the front part of the yard as well as the back.  We didn't lose any. It was fine... until they began to want to hang out on our porch.
Until it was time to begin some late winter crops in the garden...
These things posed a problem.
So, we decided being only that we have 14 birds. 2 roosters, 2 guinea, and 10 hens, we would fix the fence the goats tore down.

We were gifted several young pullets a couple of weeks back before the coop was finished, we found out that not only did we have a problem with a fox... but we also had a hawk that was picking off the little ones.
I really hate having the chickens in one spot, but until I can build a larger pen or make a tractor, this will have to do. They are safe and they have shelter, and we are having eggs again! Hooray!
Being outside with my family and working together... My heart swells with love and thankfulness.
Love can look like many things, but today... this is what love looks like, to me. 

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