Thursday, March 21, 2013

My Kitchen Apothecary

I've had an idea swirling around in my head for a while now. I wanted a place for all my natural herbs, tinctures, salves and soaps, etc.
I just didn't have the cabinet... or so I thought.
So one night when I was laying down, I was thinking about where I could find a cabinet on a budget. The next morning I realized I had the perfect cabinet in my bathroom.
This little cabinet... I purchased this cabinet long before I was married or had become a mother. I found it at a local antique shop and since I knew the lady who owned the shop she kindly let me put it on layaway. Being young and broke, even though it wasn't all that expensive, layaway was the only option.
A few weeks later it came home with me, and has been in each room of the house at one time or another I believe.
It now graces our kitchen and dining room area as my apothecary.

We carried it out of my bathroom and cleaned it up a bit and began stocking it with herbs and oils and soap-making supplies.
Soap-making...an adventure that is coming soon!

Once soap is made, I have a little drawer in the cabinet that I plan on housing the final products til time of usage or gift giving.

And then, in the bottom two cabinets, I can store the items that are not as lovely to see. Stick blenders, soap making pots and bowls... and the like.
A very useful little cabinet indeed. And as time goes on, I am sure we will enjoy it even more. 


  1. This is Teresa (Smith)...I LOVE that cabinet! I had to chuckle when I read you got the idea when you had laid down b/c night before last I had already went to sleep, then at 2 am woke w/a start remembering I needed to add vanilla extract to my strawberry cream cheese icing that was waiting in the fridge...I had to do it then else I'd forget...us artist driven minded folks tend to have our best ideas when we need to be sleeping I think (although putting vanilla in icing isn't so artistic, making that cabinet into your apothecary's area is!)...oh and if you sell goats milk soap, I'd love to buy from you as I have psoriasis on my hands and it's great for it. Just let me know and I can stop by and get it. :)

  2. That's a great cabinet for your purpose! I have an apothecary cabinet, too. It was originally, I believe, meant to be a gentleman's bar or some such thing. The top lifts up and the top front folds down to make a great work area (and there's a mirror and light in back). Then a large drawer and finally a cupboard on bottom with a shelf. I use baskets in there. While it's very lovely to see your things (so many I recognize from my own cabinet) you may want to consider pretty curtains for the top section since exposure to light will have a degrading affect on your herbs and oils. My daughter makes soap and has promised to teach me how very soon. Have fun!

  3. Very fun! I love the idea of an apothecary cabinet. I was having trouble figuring out a good place for that sort of thing lately too. I did find a shelf for it but am afraid I will be outgrowing that space soon.

  4. So you have to list what cool stuff you have in it ;)

    1. I will do my best. I'll have an order coming in this next week. When I do, I will share. :)