Monday, March 25, 2013

Frugality in the kitchen

When I bought our food co-op a couple of weeks back, I bought quite a few bulk items. Some, if not stored or used quickly, well they go bad.
Avocados are one of them.
I had read recently that you can vacuum seal them and they will last longer and you can also freeze them.
So, I bought quite a few avocados. I used some for guacamole and still had plenty that were not ripe. When they were, we cut them open and scooped out the flesh and mashed them up.
I then vacuum sealed them and look... still beautifully green many days later. I plan on using some in this weeks menu but the other 2 bags will go in the freezer.
There are some cashews I sealed and some cheese also.
This is my food saver. 

Take the end of your bag and place just inside the machine. Lock the side arm down and press seal.
It will seal the end of the bag, so you have a way of filling.

Another neat thing about the bags is there are these little lines to help you cut across evenly in whatever size you need.

Fill your bags with whatever you like.
For the example, I am using some chopped pecans.

Put the opposite end in the machine. This time press vacuum seal. It will suck the air out and then seal the end.

See, both lights are on. When it is finished both lights will go off.
Now you have a sealed bag. It's easy and it is an excellent tool to have in your kitchen. I plan on vacuum sealing many bulk items in the future, and if you vacuum them flat then you can easily store them in your freezer. 

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