Friday, February 22, 2013

My Kitchen... Ta Da

 It's been 12 years in the making... Yeah. 12. gulp
but, the kitchen of my dreams is finally finished.
 The time it has taken has been immense, we have waited and worked and waited and worked. Adding, taking away, cleaning, working.
 Looking back I would never have guessed hot water heater's bursting, a back porch falling in, mold infestations, leaks in the roof, etc would have ended with this result.
 My heart is full to bursting. I can have more people in my home for meals. I can prepare and store more food without having to trip all over everything.
 My kitchen area, to me is beautiful, but most importantly it is functional. Much of what I decorate with is useful. Skillets hanging, grains displaying, shelves storing. All purposeful and lovely.
A place for everything... and everything in it's place.

Our table is two smallish tables added together to make room for more seating. My next adventure is to get a table to seat 12.
Soon... very soon, I hope. :)

Last night we celebrate with a Bible Study. 10 people gathered at our farmhouse table. My heart was full.



  1. I love how God took a bad situation and worked it into an awesome blessing for you and your family(Rom 8:28) - It is truly beautiful!
    Lisa :O)

  2. Oh Chas! Wonderful. You and the hubs did a great job of planning and making it happen.
    This just looks great. It is so appealing in it's functionality and practicality. To me, those are two values high on the list.
    I wish you were close enough that I could have you pop in to discuss options here. :)
    Thanks for sharing your lovely new kitchen.