Thursday, January 31, 2013

Kitchen Lovin

I have tried many, many schedules. Liking some, parts of one, bits of another. I've implemented many, and become dissatisfied with them. We need some freedom, and wiggle room around our house. We like to be able to change directions on a whim if needed. But, I as well as the children like structure. It's almost contradictory.
 haha... that's us.
After the holidays, I wanted to get our home in gear, I wanted to make it more efficient and more pleasant. Order helps.
So I made up a simple schedule of each one's duties for each day of the school week. On top of normal chores, grooming, homeschool lessons...
One day a week, Cameo and Eli are together in charge for supper. They planned their menu, they made sure we had what we needed and today they prepared the meal.

 We had a new meatloaf recipe, mashed potatoes, peas and garlic bread. It was absolutely wonderful. I was so proud of them for they did most everything themselves.
I have mentioned before, I can be quite controlling in the kitchen, but I am doing my best to loosen my grips and allow the kids to get their hands involved.
I know with my kids, they LOVE to cook, and I believe when you allow them to get involved they will try harder and enjoy and appreciate it more!
 I wanted to make it special, so I pulled out the table runner, I put some candles out and got some fresh flowers for the center.
It was a lovely table, everyone was so proud.

While the kids worked on supper and I supervised, I had a bit of freedom to tarry about the kitchen, working, rearranging and cleaning.
I moved some things around and pulled an industrial shelf into the dining area. My kitchen/dining room is rather large now, but I have VERY little storage space. I felt that if I pulled this shelf in and put things in a tidy manner, an open shelf would work well.
It is sparse right now, but once I finish it will be just grand.
I pulled some of my cookbooks together and placed them in an easy to get to location. Pretty and functional. That's my favorite.
One of my favorite spots in the kitchen.
I rearranged my spice cabinet and labeled some of my bulk spices. A homeschool mom with her labeler... that's me.
I love how dark my vanilla has turned. I opened it and it smells so strong. It's just lovely.
A new spot for my canvas. I really like it here. I love how the red kettle is sidled up beside it. I love red, blue, yellow...
Happy kitchen times.
Enjoying and appreciating the new and the old.
May your day be blessed friends!

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