Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A few more writings...

My creative juices have been flowing lately. I ache to make things, to beautify our home and surroundings affordably.
I also want our lives to radiate God's love. Everything we do, we say... all of it. Because that's who we are. We are children of God.

Here are a few of my latest additions to our walls, windows, nooks and crannies.

I am by NO means a painter. It doesn't look so streaky normally, but the light was shining in the window and until I decide where to hang it, I like it here where I see it often. 
My writing is wobbly, but it works, and I dig it. So all's good. :)

I added a little grouping with my "His banner over me is Love" hoop. I made the smile and laugh hoop many, many years ago. The little bird hoop was giving to me in an internet craft exchange. I just made "He makes everything beautiful". 
I love how they look together. I love the happy yellow color behind them. It makes me smile when I walk by that space in my kitchen/dining room. 

I have several other projects on my waiting-to-do list. I can't wait to get to it. 

I hope you are remembering HIS promises too!
Much love...



  1. I love your new additions. We have been having fun at our house lately as well working on improving things and making our home more lovely. I have been putting up some verses as well and then I have just been going through a lot of things and decluttering and trying to fix things up and put things in better arrangements. This year is one where I am trying to do very, very little spending which actually makes me feel more creative then ever because I feel the need to figure out how to well use and make do with what I already have.

  2. Dearest Chas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to your family. Just caught up with your blog. Wonderful craft ideas. The advent tree is really special. Your family is soo blessed by your talents. We are too! I am going to try the oat bread recipe. It has been ages since I've stopped by. Like an old friend that I've known for years, it is great to stop in and find you still at home here. The Lord is surely with you. By His Grace, Cynthia