Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The 25 days til Christmas

For years, I have wanted to make an Advent Calendar. I have made one for my sister that I really love, but I just haven't taken the time/energy into making one for us. This year, though, I have put together a little something that we are enjoying and I am sure it will help me get in the mood to make something a bit more permanent as time allows.

This year was the first year that I have been able to put up a tree in the kitchen also. I have been wanting to do that for YEARS, but since we were able to take the wall last spring, it opened our kitchen up to allow a small, happy tree. :)

I printed these from Pinterest and then laminated them and coordinated them to which day would work best on our schedule
Link here

I also printed out these dates and laminated them so we could reuse them...  I taped them on the front of our brown bags...
Link here

And of course Scripture! I printed off 25 days worth of Scripture telling of the Birth of Christ. I laminated them and put them in the bag with the card saying what today will bring.

Scripture printables

It was really easy and the kids really enjoy opening each day so far.
I just used brown bag lunch bags and taped the day on the front, put the Scripture, activity and a candy(on some days) and tied it up with some red yarn. The kids then arranged the bags around our little kitchen tree.

I hope you are doing something to make each day Merry!
Have fun!



  1. I love it, I think your advent tree is a great idea. I love the country print you used. It looks beautuful,and I am sure the whole family is so excited.haveca wonderful day.

  2. Love this idea! Maybe when my youngest is a little older we can do something like this. Now, he would just open every bag he saw all at once. Ha!